About RULE

You ever wish you had the solution to everything? Well, you do!

Jesus became a baby at Christmas to RULE the Planet, but not with guns, bombs, or HATE. He came to RULE with love, and to ask us to do the same.

RULE is a NEW brand explaining everything God wants from us, all in one word. All of God's rules are fulfilled by living the Golden RULE.

RULE = LOVE God, LOVE People, LOVE Planet. First, love God, because God is the source of love and without God life is meaningless. Second, we love others, the way we love ourselves. Anyone who says they love God but does not love others is a liar. And third, we love the planet, because we all share this earth and whatever we do, good or bad, affects everyone else.

Only GOoD can perminantly conquer evil, there is no other weapon, so we bring some GOoD with us wherever we go with a smile, a hug, a listening ear, a prayer, a word of truth, or some tolerance and compassion. Real love comes one life at a time.

God put us in charge of this planet at the very start, and if we don't RULE it with LOVE, and remind others to RULE with LOVE, nobody will. God will not do for us what He told us to do.

One word can change the world. Let's do that!

No matter how crazy the world gets, the fact is, only GOoD can permanently conquer dEVIL; there is no other weapon. The brand RULE is created to remind each other, and ourselves, that LOVE is the only thing in the universe that never fails.

One word can change the world!