Jesus RULE

A Spirit inspired vessel and companion that honors your origin, lifestyle, adventures, and destiny. The mission of Rule is to empower travelers as they journey not only on the planet we steward but also the path towards an eternal life together.

Rule Our Planet

Rule is a group of friends from around the world who care deeply about and love God, each other, and our Planet.  God's very first command to humanity was to Rule this Planet.  We are in Change, it's up to us.  We can Rule everything or Ruin it.  The question for all of us is what we do with this life?  Are we going to Rule or let evil occupy our domain?  It's time to rise up and stand against evil; love against hate; act against injustice: war against waste; and to protect and fix Our environment.  Join our group of friends in this battle for the heart and soul of our planet as we reclaim our Rule now and forevermore.

Our Goal

It is our goal at Rule to lift heads up high to take our rightful positions as Sons and Daughters of God that in everything we do, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual we do it all as those who Rule.




Made with Authority